Thursday, September 29, 2005

Deadlines... dunno about those things. I need them of course. Desperately.

Today is the 29th of September. Of course I am over a month late for my original EARLY deadline for Slamdance. Currently I am waiting to hear back from a local dealer who has a copy of necessary software on the way (dammit I just realized I left my phone at home) in order to do a master sound mix for the movie.

The film will be screened as part of indie memphis (I hope) and then who knows? Maybe a fundraiser screening? Perhaps there will not be a need for anymore entries after that, or perhaps I will have more to say in January and February... who knows. That's the funny thing about films, you just never know whats going to happen. Unless, your BIG TIME and then you know you only have to have a huge first weekend and then kick back and rely on the DVD sales.

I saw The History of Violence last night. I don't think it was a bad movie, I just hated it. It had only a few things in it which I would classify as worthy of my attention. I also realized something's in there... I will expound on them later. And by later I mean 2006.