Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Oh yeah baby... we're getting close.

Plus, I want to remember some things I said to Nicki in Danver's this morning. Maybe you'll find it interesting, maybe you won't.

I am reinterpreting in my head now, which I really didn't want to do, but its been a few hours. There are different reasons to make films of course. One myth I think a lot of filmmakers are under is that you can change someone's life for the better with a movie. Take for instance the idea of "the mainstream movie going audience", the people who go to all the shit we don't want to see, to all the movies we think are vapid, ignorant wastes of time, think of the millions of people who go to see those movies around the country. Now, think about making a movie. Think about how narrow minded some of these audiences are. Think about how they just want to be entertained. Now think about making a movie. Think about who you are going to show that movie to when you are finished with it... I am thinking about that. I don't think Dollars & Signs is going to change anyone's life who doesn't want their life changed. Dollars & Signs is not going to make someone who doesn't want to think about race, think about race. It may only begin the process of opening the door for this person to think about race. A movie is so much the beginning of a conversation and so not the end of one. That is why I appreciate movies that are not just about entertaining audiences, and not just about convincing audiences of something. All these ideas are partial. Not fully developed. But maybe there are three different types of ficitional films, propaganda, entertainment, and hypothetical. I mean every categorization is just a way of understanding something. It is not, and should not, be a prison for people's brain to live in. I am just trying to differentiate my film from other films by saying I am not trying to dramatically change peoples live with my film (though a part of me wants that to happen with everything I do) I am only trying to open the door for them to change their lives themselves. I want to encourage anyone who sees my film to remember that they can change if their lives if they wish, and that in order for their lives to change they HAVE TO WISH IT first. There. I said it.

So nanh.


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