Saturday, July 16, 2005

The great lesson of life has to be how to live in the moment, because only living in the moment can protect you from ALL mental pain and suffering associated with aging. I mean, by "living in the moment", being present with your actions. I used to get mad at Mary when she was always telling me to be present. I was like,damnit, sometimes I DON'T WANT to be present. So leave me alone. Now, here I am so many years later considering how it can really save me from the most unneccessary sort of suffering. That is the suffering which comes from hypothesing. So instead of letting my mind run wild to thoughts of the film or girls or family, I can simply focus on the measuring cup I am using to see how much water I need to put in the pot to boil the macaroni... and everything becomes more dealable withable. Right?

Another way to look at is, to live as insider. Sometime I get too far outside myself, so I have to do something to get back into myself. So that could be another lesson for me, how to stay inside myself. I think rituals may help me with this, cooking, jump rope, something of that sort.

You see where my head is at. This was the journal I had easiest access to, and I just wanted to document these thoughts as they occurred.

Truly, I won't speak about this stuff again, movies and stuff from here on out, promise...



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